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For general information or questions, please call the MTLC’s main contact line at (205) 348-2592.

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Testing Information – General Information

MTLC Hours & Closings for Spring 2015

Spring Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m.-10 p.m.

Friday: 8 a.m.-4:45 p.m.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Monday, January 19, 2015

Spring Break: Monday, March 16-Friday, March 20, 2015



CAS Weekly Help Sessions Schedule

These sessions offered by the Center for Academic Success will be held in Osband Hall. The times are course specific and offer students weekly help.  The CAS also conducts Test Review Sessions for each departmental test in the MTLC.  This is a great way to take advantage of free help!

 (The schedule may change throughout the semester. For the latest updates and more information, see


Instructors & Course Information for Spring 2015

Below, you will find each course for Spring 2015 as well as a syllabus, an orientation PowerPoint, an instructor list, and their email addresses.  When e-mailing your instructor, please place his or her name in the subject line!  Failing to do so will result in non-receipt of your email.


Math 005 – Introductory Algebra

Math 005 Syllabus Spring 2015

Math 005 Spring 2015 Orientation

Patricia Moore (email)

Math 100 – Intermediate Algebra

Math 100 Syllabus Spring 2015

Math 100 Spring 2015 Orientation

John Boxmeyer (email)

Laxmi Chataut (email)

Veny Liu (email)

Usha Midkiff (email)

David Neal (email)

Aurora Ponta (email)

Math 110 – Finite Math

Math 110 MW Syllabus Spring 2015

Math 110 Spring 2015 Orientation

Larry Bowen (email)

Jil Chambless (email)

Will McCurdy (email)

Katherine Nichols (email)

Math 112 – Pre-Calculus Algebra

Math 112 Tuesday Syllabus Spring 2015

Math 112 Thursday Syllabus Spring 2015

Math 112 Tuesday Spring 2015 Orientation

Math 112 Thursday Spring 2015 Orientation

Alex Barnes (email)

Jil Chambless (email)

Joshua Deiches (email)

Khanh Ngoc Dinh (email)

Xuan He (email)

Timothy Homan (email)

Nathan Jackson (email)

Xin Luo (email)

Will McCurdy (email)

David Neal (email)

Yuanyuan Song (email)

Mingwei Sun (email)

Huy Duc Vo (email)

Zhihan Wei (email)

Math 113 – Pre-Calculus Trigonometry

Math 113 MWF Spring 2015 Syllabus

Math 113 TTR Spring 2015 Syllabus

Soumyadip Acharyya (email)

Mengpu Chen (email)

Anne Duffee (email)

Tania Hazra (email)

Cong Hoang (email)

Todd Neal (email)

Kaitlyn Perry (email)

Aurora Ponta (email)

Bryan Sandor (email)

Math 115 – Pre-Calculus Algebra & Trigonometry

Math 115 MWF Syllabus Spring 2015

Math 115 Spring 2015 Orientation

Usha Midkiff (email)

Math 121 – Calculus & Its Applications

Math 121 Syllabus Spring 2015

Math 121 Spring 2015 Orientation 

John Boxmeyer (email)

Phylisicia Carter (email)

Wei Cui (email)

Joshua Deiches (email)

DN Duong (email)

Sijie Liu (email)

David Neal (email)

Aurora Ponta (email)

Yuanyuan Song (email)

Erin Watley (email)


Testing Information

  1. There are four 70-minute tests and a 150-minute comprehensive final exam. Test dates are listed on the front page of the syllabus.
  2. You are encouraged to take your tests early:  “Early” means any time before the Test Week for that exam.  No registration is needed and no penalties will apply for early tests.  You may not begin a test if the MTLC is scheduled to close before the end of your full allotted time: usually you must begin by 4:45 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, or on Friday by 3 p.m. (2 p.m. for a final exam).
  3. You must register a time in order to take an exam on a test deadline day.  The front page of the syllabus lists beginning and ending dates/times for online registration for each exam.  To register online, go to the MTLC website (, select link Test Registration, log in as instructed, select link Register, then choose an available date and time.  You may freely cancel or change your test time while online registration is active.  Be sure to verify your registration: log back in to the test registration site or check your confirmation email message.  You will take all tests at this same time on their scheduled days; excluding the Final Exam. A separate online registration will occur for the Final Exam.
  4. If you miss a test, your zero score will be considered your lowest and may be replaced by your Final Exam score.  Only one zero score will be replaced.
  5. Arrive on time for your test.  Tardiness will cost you working time on the test.  Bring your ID and pencils with you.  Follow the signs to the back hallway.  Staff will check your ID and give you a personalized test paper (which is your initial scratch paper), then direct you to your seat.  No calculator help will be given during testing.
  6. The CASIO FX-260-Solar SCHOOL scientific calculator is the only hand-held device allowed during testing.  All calculator covers must be removed and put out of sight during testing. All cell phones, texting devices, iPods, MP3 players, etc must be turned off and put away before you pick up your test paper.  Use of any unapproved electronic device during a test will be treated as academic misconduct.
  7. Place all belongings on the floor.  Once you enter the testing area, all review material must be put away. As soon as you are seated, you may begin your exam.  The MTLC will give you additional scratch paper as needed; no other paper is allowed. When you are finished, staff will collect all papers. Warning: Do NOT touch the browser’s BACK button, your test will close and you will have to start over.
  8. You will be allowed to review your test before you leave the lab.  You may not write down any information pertaining to test questions to take with you when you leave the MTLC after an exam.  You may not share any test information with anyone who hasn’t taken the test.  Violators will be charged with academic misconduct.
  9. During test weeks, the MTLC will be available for studying, reviewing, and or working assignments during normal hours on Monday and 9-10 PM on Tuesday-Thursday.  The lab will be closed due to testing during Final Exams.
  10. You may not leave during a test without permission.  This includes getting water and using the restroom.  Cell phones must be left at the table.


General Information

  • Department of Mathematics Interim Chairman – Dr. Wei Shen Hsia: p: 348-5074
  • Introductory Mathematics Director – Mr. Nathan Jackson: p: 348-8050
  • MTLC Lab Coordinator – Mrs. Camille Steiner:                p: 348-2592
  • MTLC Office Associate II – Mrs. Retia Boone: p: 348-2592