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  • We would like to thank the Provost, the Dean, the University, and all supporting personnel for providing us such a nice environment in which students can learn mathematics.
  • We would like to thank all of the instructors, the lab coordinator, and the data manager. Their diligence and hard work has enabled the MTLC to run smoothly.
  • We would also like to thank all the students who were successful in their MTLC courses. They earned their success by working hard and taking responsibility for their learning. We congratulate them all.

Performance of Technology Learning of Math100 in MTLC

In Spring 2000, we piloted 3 sections of Math100 using technology learning. The data show that students in Math100 using technology learning are 28% more likely to succeed than using the traditional way of learning. The data also indicate that A students have not been affected by different teaching methods. However, the technology learning method has produced more B and C students. Because of the promising results indicated in the pilot study, all of our Math100 sections have been moved to the MTLC using technology learning.

The success rates have increased significantly since 1999. Math100 students in Fall 2003 and 2004 are 85% more likely to succeed than in Fall 1999!

math100success rates bar graph

The following chart shows the percent of students in Math100 who completed the final exam. Data show as the number of students who take the final exam increases the higher the success rate. Instructors worked hard to communicate with their students on a regular basis encouraging them to complete their work.

Completion of Final Exam

The success rates are much better if we count only students who completed the final exam.

Modified Success Rate from Fall 2000 to Fall 2004

It is not surprising that students who complete at least 95% of assigned work have more than a 90% chance of success!

Success Rate for Students Completing at least 95% of Work

Another non-surprising fact is that A students spent more time than B students, B students spent more time than C students, and so on.

Hours per Week and Student Outcomes

Students in Math100 are better prepared for the next level of mathematics courses! The next chart indicates the success rate in subsequent courses of students who passed Math100.

Success Rate in Math 112 and Math 110

The charts below compare the success rates in Math112 and Math110 between students who entered these courses without taking Math100 and passed Math100.