About Us

About Us

MTLC ComputerThe Mathematics Technology Learning Center (MTLC) at The University of Alabama is a program that assists students in the active learning of mathematics. The computer lab/tutoring center open over 60 hours weekly for lab classes and one-on-one tutoring. Using technology allows students to work at their own pace, receive instant feedback as they learn mathematics by doing mathematics, learn using a variety of resources, and receive encouragement from their instructors regarding course progress.

The MTLC was one of the first facilities of this kind in the country and lead the way toward using technology to improve student success in higher education. Throughout the years, other schools visited the center to learn from what we are doing here in Alabama.

Whether you are a student at or a faculty member at UA or at another college or university, we hope that you find what you are looking for as we work together to make a difference in the mathematical education in this country.


At the MTLC, we offer our students the following accommodations:

  • One-on-one student/instructor assistance
  • Over 60 hours/week of math assistance available
  • Flexible study hours.
  • Special sessions
    • Ace your math course!
    • Review prerequisite topics
    • Sessions for first generation students

Active Learning

  • In the MTLC, students are actively learning mathematics by watching and working math problems. They can get assistance as they attempt these problems.
  • Student effort is directly related to student success in the math courses
  • Students putting forth a genuine effort and completing assigned work have a high chance of successfully completing the course. Each semester we make improvements and each semester we see improvement in the student performances.
  • Success rates for Lower Division Mathematics courses are increasing due to the MTLC.