Testing Information

Test Rules

All tests must be taken in the MTLC.

  1. There are four 50-minute tests and a 150-minute mandatory, comprehensive final exam. Test dates and times are listed on the front page of this syllabus.
  2. You may take any test early: “Early” means by Friday of the week before its deadline date (or by the Friday of dead week for the final exam). No appointment is needed for early tests. You may not begin a test if the MTLC is scheduled to close before the end of your full allotted time: usually you must begin by 3pm Monday – Friday (2pm for a final exam).
  3. You will be taking your four 50 minute test during your lab time on the dates as noted on the front page of this syllabus.
  4. Arrive on time for your test. Note: WebAssign shows the deadline (NOT the start time) for your test. Tardiness will cost you working time on the test. Bring your photo ID and pencils with you. Staff will check your ID and give you a personalized test paper (which is your initial scratch paper), then direct you to your seat.
  5. The Casio fx-260-SOLAR SCHOOL or Casio fx-260 SOLAR II NF scientific calculator is the only hand-held electronic device allowed during testing. All calculator covers must be removed and put out of sight during testing. Use of any unapproved calculator during a test will be treated as academic misconduct. No calculator help will be given during testing.
  6. Cell phones must be turned completely off and placed with all other belongings on the floor. All watches must be put away. DO NOT put your phone or watch in your lap or on your chair. Physically holding or concealing your cell phone, apple watch, or other unapproved technological device during the test will be treated as academic misconduct.
  7. Having any website other than the test open during a test will be treated as academic misconduct.
  8. As soon as you are seated, you may begin your exam. The MTLC will give you additional scratch paper as needed; no other paper is allowed. When you are finished, bring all your papers to the lab entrance where staff will collect them.
  9. You may review your test before you leave the lab.  You may not write or copy any information pertaining to the test down nor can you share any information pertaining to the test with anyone by any means, this includes word of mouth, any written correspondence, electronic device, or any type of social media.  Providing information about the test to other students is grounds for academic misconduct.  Also having knowledge or possession of any test information prior to the test that was not given to you by your instructor is grounds for academic misconduct.  Violators will be charged with academic misconduct.  If you question the grading for any answer, you must meet with your instructor during the week following the test to discuss it.
  10. You may not leave your table during a test. This includes getting water and using the restroom. Be sure to take care of those things BEFORE getting your test paper.
  11. Special MTLC Study Hours during test weeks: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 5pm-8pm. All other times are reserved for testing. The lab will be closed for studying and open only for testing during final exam week.
  12. If you miss a test, your zero score will be considered your lowest and will be dropped. Only one test score may be dropped.
  13. You will register online for a final exam day and time. The front page of the syllabus lists beginning and ending dates/times for online registration for the final exam. To register online, go to the MTLC website ( and select Test Registration.