Testing Information

MTLC Specific Policies

  1. The MTLC is a math classroom.  Please be quiet during your visit to the MTLC.
  2. Swipe in and out with your student ID every time you work or take tests in the MTLC.
  3. NO food, drinks without tight-fitting lids or tobacco products are allowed.
  4. No activities such as surfing the Internet, playing computer games, sleeping, etc. are allowed in the MTLC.
  5. Please do not hesitate to ask questions. Staff members are there to help you.
  6. Using math websites or math apps to find answers to assigned problems and then entering those answers into your assignment and submitting them for credit is ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT.
  7. All tests must be taken in the MTLC during your scheduled class time on the dates listed in your syllabus
  8. Arrive on time for your test. Note: Webassign shows the deadline (NOT the start time) for your test. Tardiness will cost you working time on the test.
  9. As soon as you are seated, you may begin your exam. You will receive additional scratch paper as needed.