Testing Information

MTLC Specific Policies

All tests must be taken in the MTLC.

  1. The MTLC is a math classroom.  Please be quiet during your visit to the MTLC.
  2. In the MTLC, you may only use either the Casio fx-260 SOLAR or the Casio fx-260 SOLAR II NF (available at University bookstores) on tests.  All calculator covers must be removed and put out of sight during testing.  No calculator help will be given during testing.  Using a different hand-held calculator on a test is considered academic misconduct.
  3. Swipe in and out with your student ID every time you work in the MTLC and when you take tests in the MTLC.  In the MTLC, swiping another student’s ACT card will be treated as academic misconduct.  Swiping and not staying for your class time will also be treated as academic misconduct.
  4. NO food, drinks without tight-fitting lids, tobacco products, companions, or talking on your phone are allowed in the MTLC.
  5. Other than mathematics, no activities such as talking, surfing the Internet, playing computer games, typing a paper, sleeping, etc. are allowed in the MTLC. If these activities are observed, you will be asked to leave the MTLC and your attendance credit for the day will be 0.
  6. Please do not hesitate to ask questions in the MTLC.   Staff members are there to help you.
  7. No laptops may be used in the MTLC.
  8. Using MathWay or similar websites to find answers to assigned problems, then entering those answers into your assignment and submitting them for credit is ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT and will not be tolerated in the MTLC.
  9. In the MTLC having any other website other than the test open during a test will be treated as academic misconduct.
  10. In the MTLC, if you leave your computer during a test without permission, your exam will be closed and you will forfeit any remaining exam time.
  11. You will be taking your four 50 minute tests during your scheduled class time on the dates as noted on the front page of the syllabus.
  12. Arrive on time for your test.  Note: WebAssign shows the deadline (NOT the start time) for your test.  Tardiness will cost you working time on the test.  Bring your photo ID and pencils with you.  Staff will check your ID and give you a personalized test paper (which is your initial scratch paper), then direct you to your seat.
  13. As soon as you are seated, you may begin your exam.  The MTLC will give you additional scratch paper as needed; no other paper is allowed.  When you are finished, bring all your papers to the lab entrance where staff will collect them.
  14. If a student misses a test due to COVID-related quarantine requirement and provides official UA documentation of that quarantine requirement, that missed test score will be replaced with the Final Exam score. Submit official documentation at


The following policies govern academic misconduct in all courses offered by the Department of mathematics.  Individual instructors may establish additional policies for their own classes; if they do, they will be detailed elsewhere in the syllabus.  Specific policies for the MTLC are above this section.

  • During tests you may only use a calculator that has been specifically approved by the instructor.  Using or being in possession of an unauthorized calculator will be considered academic misconduct.
  • Taking a test for another student will be treated as academic misconduct by both parties.  In particular, showing an instructor a fake ID or another student’s ACT card will be treated as academic misconduct.
  • Receiving or providing assistance of any kind during an exam will be treated as academic misconduct by both parties.
  • Cellphones must be turned completely off and placed with other belongings on the floor.  All watches must be taken off and put away.  DO NOT put your phone or watch in your lap or on your chair or desk.  Physically holding or concealing on your person a phone, watch or other unauthorized technological device (including but not limited to headsets, earphones, earbuds, microphones, cameras, or scanning pens) will be treated as academic misconduct.
  • If you are seen using an unauthorized device, the instructor may request that you turn it over.  It will be returned at the end of the exam.  However, the instructor does not have to request your device in order to charge you with academic misconduct.
  • If for any reason you must have access to your phone while taking a test, you must inform an instructor prior to accessing your phone.  The instructor must be present while you use the phone.  Failure to do so will be treated as academic misconduct.
  • If necessary, scratch paper will be provided.  No other paper is allowed; being in possession of any unauthorized papers will be treated as academic misconduct.
  • You may review your test before leaving the exam.  You may not photograph your exam or write down or copy any information pertaining to the test, nor may you share any information about the test with anyone by any means.  This includes sharing information by word of mouth, written correspondence, electronic device or any type of social media.  Providing information about the test to other students will be treated as academic misconduct.  Also, having in your possession information about any test prior to the test that was not given to you by the instructor will be treated as academic misconduct.
  • You may not leave your place during a test for any reason.  This includes getting water or going to the restroom.  You must take care of these things before the start of the test.  If you leave your test without permission, your test will be collected and you will not be allowed to continue working on it.
  • Interrupting the exam or creating a disturbance to cause a distraction during the exam will be treated as academic misconduct.
  • In order to enforce these rules, an instructor may require you to do any of the following.  Failure to comply will be treated as academic misconduct.
      1. Remove hats, hoods, scarves, or other head coverings.
      2. Remove bulky coats, sweaters or other over-garments.
      3. Roll up sleeves.
      4. Remove anything seen in your ears or on your person.
      5. Empty your pockets and display the contents.
      6. Sit in assigned seats prior to the start of the exam.
      7. Require you to move to a new seat during the exam.
  • If you wear a hat, head covering or long-sleeved garment for religious reasons, the instructor may still request to examine under them.  If you would prefer to have this done privately, or by an instructor or staff member of the same sex, you will be accommodated.  To ensure accommodation, you must discuss this with your instructor prior to the test.
  • If you use a hearing aid or other adaptive technology that could be mistaken for an earbud or other unauthorized electronic device, please notify your instructor prior to the test.  You may be asked to provide documentation of your need to use such a device.