There are no makeup tests or other assignments.  Instead, the lowest 3 homework scores and lowest test score will be automatically dropped at the end of term.  You may submit an official explanation and any supporting documents for the petition if you have special circumstances that cause you to miss more than the allotted drops.  Do not submit a petition unless drops have been exhausted.

If you fill out a petition about something that is already covered in the above policies, you will NOT receive a response.

If you feel that you meet one of the exceptions listed above, you may fill out a petition.  If it is determined by the petition committee that you do meet one of the exceptions, then you will receive a response email within 3 school days giving you further instructions.  If you do not receive a response within 3 school days, then the committee has determined that your situation is already covered under one of the policies found in the syllabus.

When filling out the petition, be sure to complete every field!  Failing to do so will result in us not getting your petition, even though you will get a confirmation email.

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