Software/Technical Issues

If you are having any troubles with the website on your own computer, come to the MTLC for help and assistance.

Testing Procedures

Q: What happens if I have to miss a test due to COVID?

A: If a student misses a test due to COVID-related quarantine requirement and provides official UA documentation of that quarantine requirement, that missed test score will be replaced with the Final Exam score.  Submit official documentation at

Q: I forgot/lost my ID. Can I still take the test?

A: Definitely! If you have lost your ACT Card, we can also use your driver’s license or another official form of ID.  If you have no form of ID, come to your scheduled test time and the proctors will give you further instructions.

Q: Can I take my test early?

A: Only Math 005 may take their test early during their class time up to the week before regular testing week.  If you have ODS accommodations, you must account for them when testing early.

Q: If I forget to bring a calculator, can I check one out during the test?

A: The only calculator allowed on tests is the Casio-Fx260-Solar or the Casio-Fx260 Solar NF II calculator, and no, we don’t have any that you can check out.

Class Logistics

Q: Do I really need a textbook for my course?

A: We advise that you get a textbook for your course; however you do have options at the SupeStore:

  1. The Stand Alone Code – this is the mandatory access code that does not include a physical book; however, there is a digital textbook that comes with the software;
  2. Book Bundle which includes both a  textbook and the code in a bundle

Really, it’s up to you whether you need a physical textbook or not. All of the homework is done in the software.  The only thing you absolutely need is the access code.