Math 121

Course Description and Objectives

This course is intended to give a broad overview of Calculus and is taken primarily by students majoring in Commerce and Business Administration. This course does not provide sufficient background for students who will need higher levels of Calculus.

Note: This course does not satisfy the requirement for Math 125 or 126. Evaluation will be based on online homework, four tests, and a comprehensive final.

  • The course presents the essential characteristics and basic processes of inquiry and analysis in the discipline.
  • The course encourages the development of critical thinking skills and requires students to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate knowledge.
  • The course considers its subjects in relation to other disciplines and to the human condition.
  • The course is not limited to majors in any discipline.
  • The course does not focus on professional skills.

Learning Outcomes for This Course

Upon completion of this course students will be able to

  • Differentiate and integrate algebraic, exponential, logarithmic, and multivariable functions.
  • Analyze graphs to determine where the graphs are increasing, decreasing, continuous, and determine the limits of functions.
  • Classify values as the minimum or maximum values of functions.
  • Calculate the area between two curves.
  • Apply the methods taught in this course to real-life business applications.

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